twas' the day before xmas...

it seemed appropriate, so close to jesus' coming out day, that i should stumble back into the world of livejournal, consider perhaps posting something and, well, here i am. :-)

what's been going on? have we all grown up? or do we still need training wheels? i feel like the internet explosion left lj in the dust, what with people posting blog entries on facebook as "notes", the supposed exclusivity of the site, and tweeting a limited number of characters to twitter - where does that leave us?

so while i think of something worth writing about (maybe the last few years of life?) tell me, what is your life all about today and is lj as central to your internet experience as it once was for me?

much pink love in this sometimes black and white world,


edit: i am discouraged by the "basic" v. "plus" v. "paid" accounts! only 6 icons if i don't want advertising on my page or *ahem* can't afford to pay? boo! i have 92 icons sitting here, but even if i did pay for an account i could only use 30 "to start"? i've been around here forever, lj, you should be nice to me!